Wie du deine Deutschprüfung bestehst – und deine Flügel behältst


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Dative and accusative, subjunctive II and passive voice, vocabulary and listening comprehension – all these are important topics, but none of them is more significant than the individual goal that each and every German learner has in mind.

Some learn German for their studies, others for their work, others want a better future for themselves or their children and therefore move to Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

The big goal is never just to pass the German exam. This is only a small step on the way. With this book I would like to encourage all my readers to always keep their big goal in mind. These are your wings. With wings you can go anywhere you want.

Marija Dobrovolska is an experienced German teacher, long-time examiner and successful coach. She runs “Deutsch mit Marija“, an online language school for German as a foreign language specializing in intuitive learning. In 2016, she launched her YouTube channel of the same name, which is now very popular and has around 300,000 subscribers. With the help of over 800 videos, also on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc., Marija has answered thousands of followers’ questions about exams, learning German in general, and other vital topics.

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