Die große deutsche Lernergrammatik (Complete grammar theory for German-as-a-foreign-language-learners from A1 to C2+)


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Clear objective, clear concept: “Die große deutsche Lernergrammatik” succeeds in explaining the system and the use of the modern German everyday language from level A1 to level C2 in simple terms and with the help of numerous examples and tables. The book can be used in parallel with any main learning series for any level.

The book “Die große deutsche Lernergrammatik ” can be used practically every day from the first to the last hour, and is also suitable for self-learning. The book is based on both standard German and everyday language usage (German colloquial language). Each rule is illustrated by tables and appropriate examples. In each section you will find the relevant exercises in the adjoining exercise book “Das große deutsche Übungsbuch “.

The “blue grammar has not only retained its characteristic color but also the characteristics that have made it so successful and popular among generations of learners and teachers:

  • Comprehensible, step-by-step tiering of the theory, so that both beginners with little grammar needs as well as advanced learners, who often must look for something new or already learned, can use this book well.
  • Many suitable, up-to-date examples and tables on each phenomenon, illustrating the application of the theoretical knowledge in practice.
  • The icing on the cake is of course the four-color printing, which makes the book really user-friendly.

The book provides answers to any question that a German learner could ask himself or his teacher, in simple, understandable language. So “Die große deutsche Lernergrammatik” only has to be bought once and then one keeps it as a reference book forever in his shelf.

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