Das große deutsche Übungsbuch (Complete collection of grammar and syntax exercises for levels A1 to C2+)


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The book “Das große deutsche Übungsbuch” is closely linked to the “Blue Grammar”: in each section of the grammar book the appropriate exercises are pointed out, and each exercise in the “Das große deutsche Übungsbuch” links to the respective section of the grammar book – Synergy par excellence!

In addition, the user will find a direct reference to the learning levels (A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2) to which each exercise is assigned. Also important is the fact that each exercise also corresponds with its vocabulary to the given level. Just like “Die große deutsche Lernergrammatik”, “Das große deutsche Übungsbuch” constitutes a one-time acquisition.

If the book is bought at the beginning of learning German, it will accompany the learner in the coming years and help him master the practical side of the German language. If it is only later that one buys it, it serves primarily for repetition and deepening.

The current, renewed edition contains a total of exactly 300 exercises. Each exercise provides enough space for writing and taking notes, and the four-color print also helps the learners to enjoy the book.

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