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Arena ÖSD A2 (KID A2) is designed for learners 12 years and older who want to prepare thoroughly and comprehensively for the very popular DaF exam „ÖSD-KID A2“. In the first test, the format of the exam is presented module by module and the recommended solution strategies are explained part by part.

Arena ÖSD A2 (KID A2) can be used either in a pure exam preparation course or from the middle of an ordinary A2 course in parallel with any course book.

The course book covers all the topics of the A2 exam in all tasks and offers systematic grammar and vocabulary training with many additional tasks. Arena ÖSD A2 (KID A2) repeats the entire A2 grammar with a series of additional tasks (ascending level of difficulty) and thus fills any gaps in the learning material.

Arena ÖSD A2 (KID A2) is fully at A2 level, has been fully tested in exam courses and presents the exam candidates with the expected level of difficulty from the beginning, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

The solutions can be found in the teacher’s edition.

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