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General terms and conditions

1 General

1. When the customer opts for a downloadable eBook as part of the ordering procedure, a contract comes into effect with Praxis Verlag, Elasidon 30, GR 11854 Athens,, Tel: +30 210 36 26 876, Fax: +30 210 36 28 124 (henceforth: the seller). .
2. Only the present terms and conditions apply to each contract between the seller and the customer.

2 Execution of contract
1. The contract with the customer is being executed by means of the customer sending an offer of contract execution to the seller and the seller accepting this offer by making the eBook available for download in the customer’s account area. Before the execution of the contract, the customer is given the opportunity to check the order’s details.
2. The available languages for the execution of the contract are English and German.

3 Download availability
The eBooks are available for download in the account area of the customer within 15 minutes after the payment entry at the latest.

4 Prices, terms of payment, sending of receipt.
1. All prices mentioned in include VAT where applicable.
2. Payments take place exclusively per credit card via the payment system “Stripe”. Prior to the acceptance of the payment obligation, the customer is notified that sending the order results in payment obligation.
3. The order verification and the receipt for the customer’s order are sent separately by email.

5 Terms of use for eBooks
1. The customer acquires a right of personal use for the offered title which is non-exclusive, non-assignable and revocable before full payment of the license fee.
2. The customer is not allowed to alter the eBook’s content, notwithstanding any contrary obligatory legal statutes.
3. The eBook may neither be shared nor made available or distributed to the public. Any further distribution, making the eBook available on the internet or other networks in return for remuneration/without remuneration, any further sale and/or every kind of use to commercial or other purpose are also forbidden.

6 Expiry of right to revocation
The customer’s right to revocation expires when the admission link is made available. The customer is notified accordingly before the download commences and is called upon to declare his consent thereto in specific.

7 Guarantee and liability
The seller is liable for material defects and agreed quality of the product pursuant Art. 5 of Greek law N. 2251/1994 as well as Art. 534 seq. of the Greek Civil Code.

8 Miscellaneous
Greek law is applicable under exclusion of UN sales law. The parties agree on the jurisdiction of the courts of Athens, Greece.

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